No U-Turns on 280

Safety on 280 is about to be severely compromised if we don’t get busy this week and let ALDOT know their plan could put our safety, our children’s safety, our neighbors’ safety and all Highway 280 travelers’ safety at EXTREME RISK. Do we really want a U-Turn by the Water Works on Highway 280? ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) wishes to PERMANENTLY change the flow of traffic at the intersection of Cherokee Road and Highway 280 by installing a U-turn at this very dangerous spot. THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE. THE NATIONAL SAFETY COMMISSION (NSC) clearly states that “You may never make a U-Turn near the crest of a hill, a curve, or any other place where other drivers cannot see…” ALDOT’s own mission statement is “To provide a safe, efficient, environmentally sound intermodal transportation system for all users, especially the taxpayers of Alabama.” The placement of a U-Turn by the Water Works on Highway 280 is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION OF BOTH THE NSC AND ALDOT’S OWN STANDARDS. U-Turns, in general, are one of the riskiest moves a driver can make because of the ongoing and oncoming traffic patterns which naturally come with this type of motor vehicle maneuver. LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD ABOUT THIS DANGEROUS ALTERATION OF THIS INTERSECTION AND ADDITION OF A U-TURN AT THE WATER WORKS. WE HAVE ONE MORE WEEK TO VOICE OUR OPPOSITION. ALDOT HAS EXTENDED THE DEADLINE, SO ALL COMMUNICATIONS (emails, letters, phone calls etc.) MUST BE RECEIVED BY ALDOT THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, BEFORE 5PM. AFTER THAT, YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO OBJECT.